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SLIME CITY: An analysis

SLIME CITY formed in the year 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland and play fast existentialist nerd rock for people who like sighing but also fighting.

SLIME CITY consists of three men called Michael.

SLIME CITY is for likers of, but not limited to: Brainiac, Wire, Suburban Lawns, Weezer, Mocket, Pulp, Art Brut, Del Shannon, Future of the Left, A-Frames, Devo, Fugazi, Buddy Holly, Flat Worms, Menswe@r, Roy Orbison, Cardiacs, Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, Refused, Sparks and all that.

SLIME CITY do not believe Later with Jools Holland is representative of the world’s best music, but have nothing against the man himself, just HE as a cultural symbol.

SLIME CITY do not have any recordings of their music because they prefer people try to describe it.

SLIME CITY have been described as “REFUSED PLAYING POP MUSIC!” said in an excited voice, rather than a disappointed one. However, disappointment is guaranteed.

SLIME CITY play gigs and have developed an elaborate dance routine about a cash dispenser, so get in touch for bookings.